How to Use Math Solver on Microsoft Edge – Guide

Math Solver is a service that takes math equations and offers solutions. Microsoft’s plan is to allow students to import a photo of an equation into the browser, where Microsoft’s AI will solve the problem, along with instructions on how to solve it alone. However, Math Solver didn’t come out of nowhere. Math Solver has quietly existed as a respected Android and iOS app for several years, and Microsoft also has a Math Solver website. While Wolfram Alpha might be the most popular name for solving math equations online, Microsoft’s Math Solver website is arguably easier to use as it showcases its work, so to speak. Microsoft Edge 91 is still in beta; It won’t generally be released until the next week or so. Second, Microsoft also does not guarantee that Math Solver will survive. “We are releasing this as a preview feature and are still evaluating the possibility of feature permanent in the future,” Microsoft wrote.

Use Math Solver in Microsoft Edge

The quick and easy way to use this feature is to take a snapshot of a problem statement. Whether the problem is on a website or a PDF, you can take a screenshot and use it in Math Solver.

Type the math problem using a virtual keyboard

Math Solver also provides a virtual math keyboard to let you type the problem statement to solve the problem.

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