How to Use Mi Band as a Remote for Android – Guide

Mi Band 5 and 6 are awesome fitness bands, but did you know you can use them as a remote control for your phone like Apple Watch? See how! Fitness wristbands are often considered lower grade than smartwatches. They are much cheaper to get in and clearly charge less. features. But in reality they can also be good enough for most people. Xiaomi’s Mi Band line offers some of the best fitness bands money can buy. And if you know how to use them correctly, you can have a nice party tricks with them, including the ability to use them as a remote shutter. Today, we are going to show you How to convert the Mi Band 5 and 6 into a remote shutter and use it to control your phonede camera.

How to Use Mi Band 5 and 6 as a remote control

Contrary to what you might think, you don’t need to have a Xiaomi phone to make the most of Mi Band. Xiaomi fitness product is fully compatible with all Android devices phones, as they connect normally via Bluetooth. As such, the first step you need to do is download the Mi Fit app from the Google Play Store. From there, just pair your fitness wristband with your smartphone as usual.

Enable remote control Feature

To enable remote control camera function, you need to go to the Mi Fit app and then go to your profile by tapping the rightmost button button in the bottom navigation bar. From there, you can see a list of paired devices, which should include your Mi Band. Touch it. the remote feature it’s currently “experimental”, which means Xiaomi is still testing it, and you might find some bugs if you enable it, or it might not work properly. In this case, you need to scroll down to the Laboratory section, since the feature is hidden there. There you will see an option called Camera Controller. Activating it will show a pairing screen, which you will need to accept. After doing this, you can consider yourself fully configured. up.

How to use remote control Feature

To use the feature, now you need to open up The Camera app on both your phone and Xiaomi Mi Band. First, open it in your phone. So if you did everything correctly, you should be able to just swipe up of your band, select Mostand then select Camera, where you will see a shutter button which should help you take pictures on your phone. Congratulations! You have successfully enabled remote control camera function on the Mi Band.

Why would I want to use My Mi Band as a remote control?

There are many scenarios in which this remote shutter would be useful for your daily use. It turns out that this is very common feature which actually comes in products like the Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch. However, Mi Band, together with the Mi Fit app, allows you to have a similar function on any Android smartphone, regardless of whether it’s yours or not. phone is from Xiaomi. Having a remote shutter allows you to better organize, frame, and compose your photos, so you don’t have to hold your own. phone take a picture. you can put your phone on a tripod or stand and then take pictures remotely, whether you’re taking pictures of yourself or something else. It’s open up a sea of ​​possibilities without the need for someone else to help you, and the fact that it doesn’t require any third-party software makes it so much better.

Final note

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