How to Use Microsoft Editor – Guide

Whether you’re a student researching and writing a term paper, a business professional sending an email, or a freelancer proofreading a draft, it’s important to be able to edit and proofread everything you write. This is not a new concept. You are probably familiar with the grammar and spelling checker in MS Word. However, with digital and online writing becoming a virtual staple of any type of work, it’s no surprise that editing tools, add-ons and document review features are becoming more and more popular, powerful and robust. Google Docs integrated spell checking and native suggestions, Grammarly was one of the leading standalone document checking tools, and now Microsoft, which was a huge power in document creation and editing, has entered the game by building its own edit: Microsoft Notepad.

What is Microsoft Editor?

Microsoft Editor is a feature built into some Microsoft applications to help you write. Can point out spelling mistakes words, incorrect grammar, suggestions for clearer reading and much more. The tool was once called Ideas in Microsoft Word and was renamed and officially announced in 2020.

Microsoft editor Features

let’s go through the features you can enjoy with the Editor. Note that some indicators are only available to Microsoft 365 subscribers.

Microsoft Editor Availability

At the time of writing this article, Microsoft Editor is limited to just a few points. We expect more Microsoft apps and versions to be added in the future. The tool is currently available to all users for free with features such as basic spelling and grammar checks. Microsoft 365 subscribers can enjoy premium features for spelling and grammar, clarity and brevity, formal language, vocabulary, and punctuation conventions. You can receive Editor help in over 20 languages ​​with spelling assistance in over 80 languages.

Access and use Microsoft Editor in Word

To use Microsoft Editor in Word, click Editor button on the right side of Home tab. This opens a sidebar with suggestions, corrections, and refinements. Depending on whether you use Word on Windows or the web, you’ll see slightly different options. For example, in Word online, you will receive a total score from the editor and an option to change the writing style. You can see numbers of Fixes and Refinements in the sidebar in both places, along with indicators for the corresponding items in your content. Select one to view and use the suggestion or to ignore the issue. Additional features currently exclusive to the Editor in Word include a Similarity Checker and Rewrite Suggestions. Available in Word for the web, you’ll see a section labeled Similarity in the Editor sidebar. Click to see if any text in your document is similar to an online font. You may receive suggestions for rewriting certain parts of your text in Word online and in the desktop app. First, select the text, right-click and choose Rewrite Suggestions. Then choose a suggestion to replace your text with it.

Use Microsoft Editor in Outlook or in your browser

In Outlook or on a website using the browser extension, Microsoft Editor is automatically activated. You will see the indicators in your text. As in Word, click one to view and accept the suggestion or ignore the problem.

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