How to Use Microsoft Teams Built-In Wiki – Guide

If you’re an active user of Microsoft Teams, you may have noticed the wiki tabs built into the top bar of each Team channel. This app is often underused or simply deleted – and wrongly! Can be used for collaboration, chatting, editing, tutorials, and more. imagining how to use the Wiki efficiently? In this blog post, we’ll explain what you can do on the Wiki. Wiki is one of the default apps that is pinned as a tab in all channels of a team. You can treat it like Word or Notepad. Wiki is a place where you can add, edit and share information. In the Wiki you can create multiple pages and divide them into sections. They are visible in the Collapse Wiki menu on the left sidebar. So what can you use wiki pages and sections for? Let’s take a look. You can use the Wiki tab as a reference point for your team members to explain the team or channel objective in more detail. You can specify which topics should be covered in each channel, what format posts should be written in, and general guidelines for using the team or channel. The wiki is a great place to record all your workplace rules. For example, you can create pages that list your company’s remote work rules. This can include working hours, flexibility levels, focus hours, meeting days, a list of regular events, employee rights and responsibilities, etc. Additionally, you can create pages that specify rules for using certain tools, a list of allowed apps, rules for creating teams and channels, naming guidelines to follow, etc.

Searching the Microsoft Teams Internal Wiki

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