How to use MS Outlook calendar as a to-do list app – Guide

Everyone has heard of a to-do list, and most people use one to keep track of pending tasks that need to be done. However, as with anything else, to-do lists can quickly get out of hand and even run out. up hampering your productivity. Living on your calendar means discarding your list and planning your next tasks on your calendar. If your tasks are causing you more problems than you’d like, this could be your solution. On the other hand, living on your calendar solves most of these problems because of how it works. When you have work to do, you check your calendar and schedule that work as an appointment along with your other responsibilities. This automatically prioritizes the task in the context of your other work. Also, you are more likely to complete the most difficult and complex tasks because they are already scheduled, preventing procrastination. All of this is possible without long, daunting lists, because your calendar is a work information hub that brings it all together. Most workplaces already use a digital calendar app like Outlook or Google Calendar. That means you can take it with you anywhere using the web link or app on any digital device you need.

Multiple to-do lists scattered around

Whether you like it or not, to-do lists are scattered around. All kinds of places end up have tasks.

Unable to prioritize and monitor easily

Multiple lists, multiple technologies (mind, paper, desktop, mobile) – So you can’t sort, filter, prioritize, merge, delegate and monitor? That means you’ll miss out on important things and waste time on less important things – without realizing you’re doing it! Bad.

How to see Outlook Tasks on mobile?

The perspective mobile app or the default email apps on Android or iOS don’t show Outlook tasks. That’s why you need the Microsoft To Do app. In addition to Outlook tasks, it also shows the list of flagged emails.

What about shared tasks in a project?

You can be part of multiple team projects or initiatives. Each of these projects will have a to-do list – the project plan. The recommended place to manage project-related teamwork is Microsoft Teams. The shared project plan is created using Planner. Each team in Teams usually has at least one list of planners. In each of the projects you will be responsible for some tasks. You need to monitor and perform these tasks as well. You can access each project planner and filter the tasks assigned to you. But this is a repetitive activity.

What does the Microsoft To Do app show?

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