How to Use Nearby Share on Google Chromebook – Guide

Chromebooks had no synergy between devices with Android smartphones for nearly a decade. Google tried to bridge the gap between its devices with its set of Better Together features, but it felt like an afterthought compared to Apple’s Mac-to-iPhone integration. That all changed when Google introduced Phone Hub on its major Chrome OS 89 update, and with OS 91, Google has finally made it easy to share family memories, documents, and files between Chromebooks and Android devices with the Nearby feature Share. So, you can use it to easily transfer files between your Google devices. Apple users are familiar with AirDrop, the feature which allows you to share files and data with people nearby via Bluetooth. And although it has a different name, Android and Chromebook users have access to their own version of feature: Next Share. Next Share uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to send photos, files, links and more between Android devices and Chromebook. All you have to do is enable it and it will be available from the share menu on both devices. Next Share is an “AirDrop-style” file-sharing service that Google is working on. You’ve seen this work on Android.

How to use nearby Share on a Chromebook

Just like on an Android, you’ll need to enable proximity sharing before you can use it. There is no way to make yourself permanently visible to everyone, including non-contacts. However, you can be visible to everyone for five minutes by opening the Near button Share page and clicking on the Visible to All option. Now, to use Near Share:

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