How to use NFC on Android – Guide

All current smartphones are equipped with NFC technology. Whether you realize it or not, your phone is using NFC now. But don’t worry, NFC uses minimal battery and processing power, offering many benefits that improve your device’s performance. NFC has many other apps that can make your life easier. Read on to learn How to get the most out of your phone’s NFC capability.

How to use NFC on Android

Instantly connect to a Wi-Fi network

Wi-Fi passwords are long and complicated. This makes connecting to your network a pain. If you prefer to replace this complicated process with a single tap, you can write your Wi-Fi password on an NFC tag. Android and iOS support this feature, so one tap on the tag will pre-populate the Wi-Fi connection details and get you online without any hassle. If you like this idea but prefer something a little more formal, consider a product like the Wifi Porter. The device is a well-designed and easy-to-use NFC device that does the same thing. Still not sure? Take a look at our Wifi Porter review before investing.

Get out of the bed

Wake up up in the morning can be a considerable challenge. For some people, even the most relentless alarm clock doesn’t help. In that case, consider using an NFC tag to motivate him to get out of bed. Applications like Sleep As Android integrate alarms with NFC tags, through the use of captchas in the application. They are intended to verify that you have acted by having you interact with a physical item. Use the app to write an NFC-based captcha, so the only way to disable the alarm is to venture out of bed, find the NFC sticker, and tap yours. phone against that.

launch a website

There may be times when you want to direct someone to a specific website. This can be a little tricky, especially if it’s not a simple website address. Instead of having them type in a long random URL, you can write the URL to an NFC tag. When tapped, it loads the user mobile browser and directs them to the desired website.

Automatically enter driving mode

iPhone users know that when they get into their vehicle and connect to the car’s entertainment system, their phone will automatically enter driving mode. This silences notifications and optimizes your setup for your journey. While some Android smartphones can do this, most cannot. If you prefer to automate this process, you can write the tasks to an NFC tag. When placed inside the car, a touch of your phone can perform actions such as turning on Do Not Disturb, turning data on or off, and opening your navigation app. Some NFC tag writing apps, like Trigger on Android, allow you to set up a toggle switch to reverse the actions. Thus, the first tap will activate Driving Mode, while a second one can deactivate it and return your phone to normal operations.

make payments

As we mentioned earlier, NFC allows contactless payments when using services like Google Pay or Apple Pay. In many places around the world, contactless payments have become commonplace. In fact, in many US food and convenience stores, contactless technology is the preferred payment method. Both Apple Pay and Google Pay allow you to track your spending, analyze your spending habits and store coupons. Plus, opting for NFC payments means you no longer need to carry other payment methods along with your phone.

Automate common Phone Tasks

Android and iOS now have methods for automating regular tasks, but they don’t always offer the kind of flexibility you’re looking for. Using NFC, you can set up shortcuts for actions like calling a specific friend or family member, opening your camera, or running your favorite streaming service when you leave the house. If you want a more efficient way to automate these shortcuts, consider investing in a set of DIMPLE Smart Buttons. These physicists buttons stick it on the back of your smartphone near the NFC chip. When pressed, they activate a custom NFC task, which you can set via the DIMPLE app.

Share media

Whether you create videos for YouTube, stream on Twitch, or release music on Spotify, one of the biggest challenges is getting people to see your content in the first place. You can overcome this obstacle with NFC. You can embed a link to your work in the NFC tag and then strategically place it somewhere that piques people’s interest. Just be sure to explain what’s on the tag, as people might be suspicious of the notable NFC security issues.

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