How to Use OctoPrint on Android – Guide

OctoPrint is an excellent remote 3D printing solution that eliminates the need to be pasted to your 3D printer. You can use a webcam to view and operate your 3D printer from your computer, and you can control virtually every aspect of your production remotely. With OctoRemote, you can now bring the power of OctoPrint to your smartphone. OctoRemote is an Android companion app for OctoPrint that acts as an extra pair of hands for the latter. The app replicates all of OctoPrint’s features on your smartphone. It lets you watch and control your 3D printer from anywhere within your Wi-Fi range, eliminating the need to constantly check your computer for print updates. Even if printing fails, you can cancel it using your smartphone. The program was made with open source libraries comparable to OctoPrint’s and has a similar user experience (UI). You can view print details, change settings, see what’s on your webcam, and more. The coolest feature is that the software is regularly updated and does not contain ads. In this article, we’ll look at the OctoRemote app and its features, as well as how it can improve your remote 3D printing experience.

Easy setup

OctoRemote is easy to configure up. After installing the app, it only takes a few minutes to get it up and running. It connects to OctoPrint using its API key and its instance IP address. That’s it! Once inside the app, you’ll notice that all your preferences are preloaded. In another words, you don’t need to set manually up the OctoPrint instance again. By the way, using multiple instances of OctoPrint, there is also an option to add multiple 3D printers!

intuitive UI

The OctoRemote UI is very similar to the OctoPrint web UI, with different tabs for the various functions including Temperature, Control, Terminal (G-code) and Timelapse. The app also takes the material design elements of the Android UI and combines the two very well, making the app look modern and up Until the present date. The benefit of having a similar UI is user adaptability. A new user can quickly bypass the application without having to learn a new platform. As a remote app, you can install it on any Android tablet and use it as a means of remote interaction with your 3D printer.

webcam view

OctoPrint’s main selling point is the ability to remotely monitor the progress of your 3D printing. This same functionality is seamlessly integrated into OctoRemote, allowing you to watch your prints in real time, without ever looking at your desktop. you just need to define up the webcam in Octoprint. The app automatically forwards the same feed to yours. mobile device, which you can view on the Control tab. This may seem like a trivial thing, but once you start using it, you won’t even feel the need to go to your desktop.

No ads and free to use

As we mentioned before, OctoRemote is completely free. You can download it from Google Play, there are no ads in the app and none of the features are hidden behind a paywall. This leads to a seamless user experience and allows you to enjoy the app to its fullest potential. Of course, although the app is free, you can always make a donation to support its future development. That said, the app is not (yet) open source. Still, the developer maintains the app and even provides updates for general bug fixes and performance improvements.

Custom Control Buttons

OctoRemote adds a new dimension to customization by giving you the option to create and add your own custom control buttons. This functionality is useful when you want to put together a specific set of instructions for your 3D printer. O button you just need the input value to be in a G-code format, and you’re all set. For example, let’s say you want the hot end to move to the back left of the print bed. In OctoRemote, go to “Control> Add custom buttons”And enter these values, without changing anything else: After saving this, you will notice that, in the Control tab, a new “Back Left” button was raised. Now whenever you press this button, your printer will execute this command. This is just a simple example, but with a basic knowledge of G code commands, you can customize any number of 3D printer actions.

Final note

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