Downloading a security camera app from the Play Store is the simplest way to convert a smartphone into one. There is no right or incorrect response in this situation; choose the option that best suits your requirements. We’ve chosen to concentrate on AlfredCamera, one of the more well-liked options, for the purposes of this specific article. It is a well-known illustration that gives the customer a premium smartphone security camera experience without cost. Privacy and security concerns are frequently the first things to take into account while using third-party apps. Security camera apps, which we frequently use in our homes and in our personal living spaces, are a good example of this. Be cautious when choosing which security camera apps from the Play Store to grant access to your devices. We mentioned below are the steps to use Old Android Phone as Security Camera.

Steps to use Old Android Phone as Security Camera

AlfredCamera Home Security app

Do you want a complete system of home security cameras? The AlfredCamera home security app will therefore satisfy all of your needs. With over 10 million downloads, it is one of the most downloaded video surveillance apps on Google Play. Its creators market it as a home security camera perfect for child, pet, and health care as well as home security. It has many potent properties, including: Install it on your phone and any other old Android device to set up your home security camera within minutes.

Setup Old Android Phone as a Security Camera

Step 1: Open the AlfredCamera app and create an account with the email ID you used for your viewer device. Step 2: On the next screen, tap on the Continue option at the bottom to give permission for audio and video recording. Step 3: Slide right on the Slide to Unlock option to make your camera go live and view every background activity on your primary device.

Final Words

We hope you like our article on how to use Old Android Phone as Security Camera. After completing the fundamental setup, it’s time to install the camera anywhere in your house. The region you wish to record will determine where you ultimately place your old phone. More than 70% of mobile devices sold globally are powered by Android, and this success can be ascribed to the platform’s simplicity of customization and extensive list of mostly free features. But more crucially, a wide range of customers prefer Android since it is more affordable than smartphones made by Apple and other companies.

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