How To Use Or Delete App Clips On iPhone Or iPad – Guide

It’s annoying to have to find and download an entire app from the App Store just for one-time use. Sometimes it’s a lot of effort, and Apple knows that, which is why they’ve released small versions of App Clips of the world’s most popular apps. You don’t have to create an account and enter a password or wait a long time to download and access them, but that doesn’t mean that App Clips doesn’t take long. up space on your iPhone. Every app clip you use is downloaded to your device, so the more app clips you use, the cluttered your library will be. Fortunately, deleting the clip from the app is easy. In this guide we will show you how to find your app clips and delete them from your iPhone.

App Clip on iOS and iPadOS

There are different apps which come with an NFC Touch tag, Simply Link and Code Scan as app clips. Here, we will explain the app clips as well as adding and removing the app clip from your iPhone and iPad device. So let’s take a closer look and learn more about it.

What is Apple App Clips?

Why that feature recently debuted everyone has this knowledge about the app clips, these are the apps that share the app clips online. The most common way you will find in this type of forms such as App Clip Code/ QR Codes, App Clips Codes integrated NFC, As a link in Safari/ Message and finally Supported Locations in Apple Maps.

Built-in clip code/NFC app clip codes

This is quite identical to each other with the intention of scanning a code and allowing users to pay with a simple tap on their iPhone and iPad. It was probably faster and allowed users to perform this task without downloading the full flash app. Let’s take a closer look and learn more about it.

How to get the Clip App on your iPhone and iPad

There were few methods to get app clips and few things to follow to get app clips on your iOS and iPad. So we mentioned some of these things for App Clips.

Application clip code

You can find QR codes. However, you can use mobile camera to scan the code.

QR codes

Codes for app clips commonly available in the form of QR codes, if you find any QR code that supports app clips, just scan using QR code scanner by opening your device’s control center. Also, iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 4 does not support App Clips.

NFC-integrated app clips

The old version of the device which is not compatible with iOS 14 or iPadOS 14, which means you need an iPhone 6 series device or newer. We all know that NFC used to complete the payment wirelessly, so it was used for the same purpose, just hold your iPhone close to the NFC tag and tap to complete the payment.


There was an official website of the app that offers you to try the app without installing the app on your device. Which means directly opening the website and trying the app; if you like the app, just download and install the app from the App Store.


It also helps while browsing, and you can use App Clip feature to navigate to a specific location. Meanwhile, it brings up the information card in Apple Maps or the app clip link, but only for supported locations.


App Clip also works with messaging, iMessage compatible shared link.

How to use the Clips App on iPhone and iPad

You can use these app clips feature on your iPhone and iPad directly through a Safari, all you need to do is mention in this article below. This is How to use App Clip feature on your iPhone or iPad device, there were many popular websites and app clip support feature. So check them out and initially you will get an idea about the app you want to download.

How to View Recently Used Clip App on your iPhone or iPad device

It was also important that you could preview the app you used before. It was simply to perform kindly follow the instructions mentioned below. There were two different methods to check the recently used Clip App for your iPhone and iPad.

for iPhone

for iPad

So the iPad doesn’t have the App Library feature but you can still see the clip of the recently used app on your iPad, please follow the following guide carefully. Furthermore, you can also use this method on your iPhone.

How to remove App Clip from your iPhone and iPad

These app clips stored on your device for 30 days, are automatically deleted after activity, and these apps don’t take up much space but if you still want to remove the app clip from your device.

Final note

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