Roku connects to the internet similarly to how your PC does with little setup required. Users can access and control internet streaming content using the operating system (OS) built into Roku media streaming devices. The remote controls on TVs seem to be getting smaller as they become smarter. Since numbered buttons are no longer necessary, remote controls for devices like Rokus may be considerably smaller and more portable. Unfortunately, this also makes them more likely to be lost. We mentioned below are the steps to use Phone to Control a Roku.

Steps to use Phone to Control a Roku

Search for Roku remote on Google Playstore

Every Android device comes with the Playstore, where you can find millions of apps compatible with Android devices. Go to Playstore and search for ‘Roku remote’. Many options will appear, but you should choose the Romoku app. You can also download the app here text.

Install the App

Downloading should just take a few seconds, depending on your internet speed. Install the application after the download is complete. You shouldn’t need more than a minute to complete this. Some apps may not function properly when installed on older Android versions or they may not be compatible with them.

Connect your mobile device to the same wireless network as Roku

They have to be linked to the same wifi network for your app to see your Roku. Be aware that Bluetooth and wired connections will not function.

Search for your Roku device using your installed app

Once you have installed the Romoku app on your mobile device, it will automatically search for any Roku device connected to the same wireless. If your Roku is connected to the same wireless network, it will on the ‘Device Discovery’ list on your Android phone.

Tap on it to connect

If there are more than one Roku devices connected on the same wireless network, they will all appear on your ‘Device Discovery’ list. Tap the correct device to proceed.

Control your Roku with your Android device

Final Words

We hope you like our article on how to use Phone to Control a Roku. A specialized physical remote is included with each Roku device. However, remote controls can easily disappear for good or for a while by being tossed around by children or beneath your couch or cushions. It may be challenging to operate your streaming device or Smart TV in those situation. Fortunately, you can control your Roku device using your phone.

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