How to Use Safari Tab Groups on iPhone and iPad – Guide

Learn how to use Tab Groups in Safari on an iPhone or iPad to organize your open tabs into multiple folders. With the release of iOS 15 software, Apple gave Safari a much-needed cosmetic makeover. The changes are not just cosmetic; the new groups of guides feature has the potential to transform the way you manage tabs while browsing. Organizing Many Tabs Into One mobile device is difficult because you can’t just launch another Safari window like you would on a Mac. Tab Groups lets you group related tabs and switch between them as needed. Here it is how to use Tab Groups on an iPhone or iPad if you’re interested in incorporating them into your workflow.

What are groups of guides?

before we learn how to Using Groups of Guides, it’s important to understand what they are. In simpler terms, a Tab Group is a folder of tabs. You can group tabs and label them with a custom name to easily see what those tabs are for. For example, let’s say you have several web pages open that are relevant to your work, but you want to casually browse at the same time. Instead of cluttering up Safari’s Tab Bar, you can group the tabs into a separate Tab Group and switch between personal sites and work sites at your convenience. It is a feature that most browsers already have, but it’s finally coming to Safari. Tab Groups will sync across your Apple devices, so you don’t lose all of your precious tabs when switching from iPhone to Mac.

How to Use Safari Tab Groups on an iPhone or iPad

You can create, view, and manage your Tab Groups from the tab overview screen in Safari. As long as your device runs iOS 15, iPadOS 15 or later, just follow these simple instructions to use Safari Tab Groups: After defining the tab groups up, it’s very easy to manage your tabs. You can tap and hold a tab in the tab overview to move it to a different tab group. By default, Safari considers all tabs you’ve opened as an unnamed Tab Group. To browse Private, you now need to switch to Private Tabs Group. Don’t forget that you can also access all of your new Guide Groups on your other devices, as long as you’ve signed in to them with your Apple account. Also, if you have a Mac, make sure you’re running macOS Monterey to use Safari’s tab groups.

Tab groups are an integral part of the new Safari

Safari revamped will change the way you interact with the browser. For starters, Apple has moved the address bar to the bottom, which can take some getting used to, and Tab Groups offer a whole new way to save and organize all of your navigation tabs. In addition to this valuable addition, Safari also gets extension support with the iOS 15 update. You can now install third-party extensions to enhance your browsing experience with content blockers, password managers and whatnot.

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