How to Use Siri with Spotify on iPhone and iPad – Guide

Siri now supports Spotify commands, which means you can now use Siri to request specific songs to be played by Spotify on iPhone, iPad or other Siri-powered devices with Spotify. And when the iPhone or iPad is outputting audio to Sonos or another speaker, Spotify plays directly through that speaker system. Using Spotify to play music and music on demand from Siri is incredibly easy, just ask the right question. This works with Siri no matter how you access Siri, whether through voice activation Hey Siri by long pressing the button home button or power button, or any other Siri access method. Streaming Spotify music with Siri on iOS has become very easy now that Apple has finally allowed third-party music apps to integrate with the virtual assistant. The only requirement is that you have an updated version of Spotify and iOS or iPadOS and that you have a Spotify subscription. Controlling Spotify is one of those things that surprised you that Siri hasn’t been able to offer all these years, but has dealt with alternate routes to access the third-party music service. Finally, Apple introduced the seamless integration of Spotify to iPhone with this year’s iOS software update. As an iOS user, I always wanted to use Siri with Spotify on iPhone and iPad for an enhanced music streaming experience.

How to Use Siri with Spotify on iPhone and iPad

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