How to Use Smartphone as a Microphone for PC – Guide

To turn your smartphone into a microphone for your computer, you need to install software on your PC and smartphone. Specifically, you usually use Wo Mic software for this. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista and Mac OS X, and you can use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a USB cable or even an AUX connection to connect your devices. You need to install Wo Mic and its drivers on your PC and Wo Mic Android client. You also need to enable USB debugging in your smartphone settings: go to settings, select “About phone” and look for “Software Details”. Click on the Build Number line until you see a message that you have become a developer. After that, a new “For Developers” section will appear in the settings, where you should find the “USB Debugging” item and enable it. It remains to run the program on your smartphone and computer, establish a connection between them conveniently and record sound. This article explains how to use your android phone as a microphone for your Windows computer or PC and what you need to do for it, a complete step-by-step article. Sometimes you need to record audio on your PC, but buying a separate microphone for this purpose is expensive and often impractical. In that case, you can use your Android smartphone as a microphone. It’s simple, convenient and in most cases the sound quality is good enough.

How to Use your smartphone as a PC microphone

One of the best ways to achieve this is by using WO Mic. With this program you can use USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect your smartphone’s microphone to your computer. It’s completely free, has low latency and works as a standard microphone in any app. Visit WO Mic website and download PC client and driver. Install both. Then grab the Android or iOS app. Start the computer program. Go to Connection > Connect and select a transport type.

Connect via Bluetooth

First, enable Bluetooth on your computer: In the Windows WO Mic program: At the phone WO Mic app:

Connect by USB

This method only works for Android. connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable. It’s the same one you use to load the phone. Windows may prompt you to install a driver, so follow this process if applicable. Then enable USB debugging in your Developer Options phone. Windows should then recognize your phone as a device. In the Windows WO Mic program: At the phone WO Mic app:

Connect via WiFi

For this method, both your phone and the computer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. To configure your Wi-Fi network in Windows: At the phone WO Mic app: In the Windows WO Mic program:

Connect via Wi-Fi Direct

This method requires you to rotate your phone on a Wi-Fi hotspot and use your network data. Use this as a last resort; if your computer does not have its own internet connection and the other methods above are not suitable. First, create a mobile access point of your phone. The way to do this varies on a device, but take a look at Settings and you can usually find it under a Connections or Tethering category. Then you need to link your computer to this hotspot: At the phone WO microphone app: In the Windows WO Mic program:

Final note

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