How to Use Tab Groups Features in Safari on macOS – Guide

Tabs are an important UI element in Safari for macOS – we use them all the time, but they get clunky and hard to manage. Apple hopes to address these issues in Safari 15 with a new tab implementation and new features. Safari 15 is now officially available and will be included in the upcoming macOS Monterey. Once installed, you can try the guides features. See how tabs work in Safari 15 and How to create tab groups. Apple has changed the way tabs are displayed in Safari 15. Previously, the newly created tab was displayed below the address/search field and bookmark bar. Tabs now replace the Address/Search field so that a little more of a web page is visible on the screen. A good design idea in Safari 15 is that the toolbar can take on the color of a website. This is a subtle way of knowing which site you are on, which can be useful if you have multiple tabs open.

How to use tab groups features in Safari on macOS

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