Including Siri, Google Assistant can communicate with your Android device to do a number of functions like playing music or setting alarms. It can even manage some home automation gadgets, just like Siri. You can ask general queries to Google Assistant just like Siri. You’ll probably discover that Google can answer a greater variety of queries than Siri can, in contrast to Siri. That’s because every time you search, Google Assistant draws from Google’s web-wide search results, making it more thorough. Every time you use Siri to search, the web is not visited. Instead, it makes an educated estimate as to which of the several sources it consults might have the solution to your query. If none of those work, Bing’s global search results are occasionally used. We have mentioned steps below to use the Google Assistant

Steps to use the Google Assistant

Final Words

That’s it with our article on how to use the Google Assistant. The built-in virtual assistant for Android, Google Assistant, may be used to ask inquiries, find out information, and carry out activities. It may, however, perform the same function on your iPad or iPhone. On an Apple device, Siri is still more practical and accessible, but Google Assistant might be a better option for individuals who already have a Google account with customized data and preferences.

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