How to use the Windows 11 Wi-Fi Dual station – Guide

If there’s one thing all players can agree on, it’s that lag kills the mood of the game. Sometimes it could be due to packet loss or other Internet connection issues. If you’ve had any of these problems before, there’s good news for you. Wi-Fi Dual Station is a new Windows 11 feature this is a development of a collaboration between Valve and Qualcomm. This reduces latency up to four times more compared to existing connections. Windows 11 has features that promise players an exciting experience and improve performance. Features like AutoHDR and DirectStorage are just some of the main ones. features. However, its appetite for RAM may make users delay upgrading to Windows 11. All these problems seem to be solved with Wi-Fi Dual Station. Its addition to the operating system can help improve Wi-Fi gaming performance in laptops. So how does this work?

How to use Wi-Fi Dual Station

O feature works by sending similar data between two different Wi-Fi 6 bands. Dual Station Wi-Fi will only work and make it to Windows 11 gaming PCs because it supports Wi-Fi 6, the fastest Wi-Fi speeds available in the industry. This will allow devices to use the 6GHz frequency as other frequencies will be occupied by other devices. Wi-Fi 6 expands the capacity of Wi-Fi and doubles the way to send and receive data. Integration between game server, game, router and device needs to support Wi-Fi Dual Station, which currently only supports Windows 11 on devices. Dual Station Wi-Fi uses your network’s 2.4 and 5 GHz bands to provide ethernet-like features over a wireless connection to improve gaming performance.

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How to use the Windows 11 Wi Fi Dual station  2022  - 98How to use the Windows 11 Wi Fi Dual station  2022  - 40How to use the Windows 11 Wi Fi Dual station  2022  - 47How to use the Windows 11 Wi Fi Dual station  2022  - 9