How to use the Zoom app features on iPhone and iPad – Guide

If you are having trouble trying to view content from your iPhone, you may be able to speed up the entire show or the chosen elements of it. This can amplify textual content, icons and different components on the monitor screen, making them simpler to see. If you are having vision problems due to medical conditions, previous age or some other cause, using the Zoom accessibility function on your iPhone and iPad should be helpful for you. Here is complete information on how to use it.

How to to define up the Zoom app on iPhone and iPad

Once you’ve downloaded Zoom from the App Store, here’s How to go about configuring it up on your device.



You need to grant the following permissions to run the Zoom app on your iPhone: Now that you’ve granted all the necessary permissions, it’s time to learn more about using Zoom. Keep rolling!

How to start a new meeting in the Zoom iPhone app

Here are a few more controls to run your meeting smoothly. Note: To temporarily leave a meeting, click on final button at the top right corner. You can choose ‘end meeting for everyone’ if you are the host.

Join a meeting using the meeting ID in the Zoom iOS app

If someone has invited you to a Zoom meeting, there are two ways to join it. One is by clicking directly on the shared link and the other is using the meeting ID. See How to join a meeting using the meeting ID. Note: The host must activate and share the meeting ID to join the meeting.

How to host a scheduled Zoom meeting on iPhone

Sometimes you might want to schedule a meeting in advance. Zoom offers the option to schedule meetings for the desired date and time. You can even schedule a recurring meeting. See how: Note: A non-recurring meeting ID will expire after 30 days. However, you can restart it in 30 days. To schedule a recurring meeting:

Change zoom backgrounds on iPhone

If you don’t want to show your mess while attending a meeting, Zoom gives you the option to apply a virtual background. You can choose from a list of virtual backgrounds or define a custom one. For example, you can set a virtual background with a birthday cake to celebrate someone’s birthday at the meeting, etc. See How to change backgrounds in Zoom:

How to share screen in Zoom iOS app

Zoom is primarily used in companies where collaboration on documents and projects is important. So your screen sharing feature is useful. You can share your screen to show your content to attendees. See how: Observation:

Edit personal meeting room settings in the Zoom iPhone app

Zoom offers a high level of personalization for meetings. You can edit your meeting room settings during a meeting. Tap More and select Meeting Settings. You will have the following options:

How to talk in the zoom

In addition to being one of the most popular video conferencing applications, Zoom also acts as a messenger. You can chat with other meeting participants. Note: You can also mute chat notifications by clicking the bell icon in the upper-right corner of the Chat tab to avoid disruption during the meeting.

Use Siri shortcuts to join or start a Zoom meeting

Zoom also works perfectly with Siri. If you use Siri shortcuts daily, you will appreciate the fact that you can join or start a Zoom meeting using Siri shortcuts. For the uninitiated, Siri shortcuts are commands used to ​​complete tasks by triggering custom Siri phrases or tapping a button. Here it is how to check out the available Siri shortcuts you can use with Zoom: Note: Before setting up Siri zoom shortcuts, make sure Hey Siri is enabled on your iPhone / iPad. There is also an option to change the voice phrase to trigger the action using a custom phrase. After adding Siri shortcuts, you can edit or remove them from the Shortcuts app on your iPhone / iPad.

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