It’s understandable to be concerned about whether your child will be exposed to strangers in addition to offensive music and content if they want to use the short-form video app to browse or share online themselves. Fortunately, TikTok offers a wide range of parental controls and privacy settings, allowing you to impose some limitations to make the app more appropriate for younger users or, if you prefer, completely lock-down your child’s TikTok experience. We have mentioned steps below to Use TikTok Parental Controls

Steps to Use TikTok Parental Controls

Change to a private account – this will prevent complete strangers from contacting your child (step 1 in the screenshot above). Change the “Allow others to find me” switch – an additional layer of privacy to prevent your child’s account from showing up in search results. Disable the “Personalized data” option – this will prevent user data from being collected. And for a company under investigation for privacy violations and based in China, that’s a good idea. Change all SECURITY settings to “Friends” – the default security setting for “Who can post comments”, “Who can be on a first-name basis with you” and “Who can respond to your videos” is “Everyone”. If you make the account private, strangers won’t be able to find your child, but these settings will prevent your child from inviting strangers. Enable time management and restricted mode – you can find these settings under “Digital Wellbeing” under “Privacy and Security”. These help with screen time and adult content blocking – both require a four-digit passcode that can be set by parents.

Final Words

That’s it with our article on how to Use TikTok Parental Controls. Even younger kids enjoy using TikTok, which is incredibly popular among teenagers. There is also a lot on the app that parents presumably don’t want their children to see, even though the guidelines prohibit blatantly objectionable information. Fortunately, TikTok provides parents with a number of options for controlling what their children may do and view on the programme. A tutorial for using TikTok’s parental controls may be found here.

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