How to Use Touchscreen Gestures on a Chromebook Tablet – Guide

Chrome OS is lauded as an easy-to-use operating system, but there’s still a learning curve for new users, especially those coming from Windows 10 or macOS. To efficiently navigate Google’s operating system, you must first master your Chromebook’s touch pad gestures. Place two fingers anywhere on the touch pad and move them up and down to scroll vertically. To scroll horizontally, swipe left and right with two fingers. Note that unlike Windows 10 which uses reverse scrolling, your page will scroll in the direction your fingers are moving. While some of these gestures will seem familiar to former Windows 10 and macOS users, others will take some getting used to. In fact, even simple tasks like scrolling and right-clicking are a little different on a Chromebook. The good news is that these gestures are pretty intuitive once you remember them all.

How to Browse your Chromebook in tablet mode with new swipe gestures

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