How to Use TrueCaller Call Reason Feature – Guide

TrueCaller is a smartphone application that has features call recognition, call blocking, flash messages, call recording (up for version 8 on Android), chat and voice using the Internet. It requires users to provide a default cell phone mobile number to register for the service. The app is available for Android and iOS. Truecaller has been tarnishing its image for some time and has been trying to position itself as a privacy-conscious company. In fact, we did an in-depth article on Truecaller’s data collection practice and found that there are extensive security measures and user options. And no, contrary to popular opinion, the company is not based in China. That said, Truecaller is now looking ahead and adding great features to make the calling experience even better. The newly announced reason for the call feature on Truecaller allows you to tell the recipient why you are calling them. Not as groundbreaking as Pixel dominance for me feature, but useful enough for most users. So if you want to learn how to use reason for calling feature in Truecaller, then follow.

How to Use TrueCaller call reason Feature

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