How to use WhatsApp’s new Memory Management Tool – Guide

WhatsApp has had a “memory usage” tool for a while now, but all it does is sort chats by the amount of space they take up. up your device’s storage. You also get the number of messages, images, GIFs and videos in each category, so you can easily delete each category. Now WhatsApp is trying to make memory management much more detailed with a new memory management tool. Just take a quick look at the WhatsApp folder in your phonegaleria’s. There you will find thousands of photos and videos. Clean up the mess, you can check and delete all those items, but what if I told you that WhatsApp has a better way to manage the files stored in the app? WhatsApp’s new storage management tool, due globally this week, gives you a glimpse into the content itself, allowing you to browse files via thumbnails. The tool also lets you sort content into categories like “Frequently forwarded” and “Larger than 5 MB”. The idea is to make it easy to find just the media you really want to get rid of – not everything.

Use WhatsApp’s New Storage Management Tool

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