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Windows Sandbox is a phenomenal addition to Windows 10 that I use again and again. It’s pretty easy to set up up and loads pretty quickly. Better yet, it’s safe too – everything I do in the Windows Sandbox stays in it. But there is a clear disadvantage: what I do inside is also temporary. When exiting the mode, Windows Sandbox does not save my settings, the programs I install or downloaded files. That means I have to start over every time. Not the ideal virtual machine to choose from just like that up and resume. But this seemingly negative aspect is where the magic lies behind Windows Sandbox. If you’re wondering what Windows Sandbox can best be used for, let’s take a look at five cases where I get the most out of it.

1. Check for malware

I can recall quite a few times excitedly getting my hands on a program, only to find out that it was infected with malware or adware. Fortunately, Windows Sandbox mode eliminates the control of the antivirus application when you want to use a program. All I do now is copy and paste the program installer into Windows Sandbox, then I can simply install it to make sure it works as advertised. If everything looks neat, I can install the program on the host operating system without any worries.

And in case a file is infected, I can safely exit Windows Sandbox and it will shred everything. Windows Sandbox is completely isolated from the rest of the OS, so nothing comes out without my permission.

2. Try software

For my job I have to constantly try out new software. But that doesn’t mean I want to keep them forever. That’s why installing and uninstalling many programs can seriously mess up over time up performance in Windows 10. Fortunately, Windows Sandbox really comes in handy here. I just install the program, do what I need to do, and exit the Windows Sandbox. It’s that easy. No more flooding my computer with leftover files and redundant registry entries.

3. Surf the Internet

My web browsing often takes me to the underworld, which is incredibly unsafe. And that’s why I rely on Windows Sandbox when I want to visit sketchy looking websites. That way I no longer have to worry about cryptominers, hijackers and other forms of unwanted scripts permanently infiltrating my browser’s sanctity.

However, I make it a point not to log into the web browser. While Google Chrome carries features such as Site Isolation to isolate tabs, there is a possibility that a potential vulnerability could be exploited. And leaving your personal information alone won’t bode well when that happens. Re-downloading Chrome (my favorite browser on Windows) isn’t always feasible every time I want to use Windows Sandbox. So for the most part I end up up use the built-in Edge browser instead, which isn’t too bad.

4. Download files

Apart from browsing the web, Windows Sandbox also isolates me from downloading dangerous files. Whenever I see a questionable looking download link I shoot up Windows Sandbox and download it there instead.

This is especially true for downloads where Chrome often issues active warnings. I go to Windows Sandbox, download the file and even open it to make sure nothing is suspicious. I can also move the downloaded file to the host OS after that, so it’s not like I’m wasting bandwidth in the process as well. I also scan it for good measure with my antivirus. While I don’t do this, you can also download suspicious email attachments from Windows Sandbox to make sure nothing nasty is in them.

5. Play with Windows settings

Windows 10 has a lot of settings that I still find baffling even after years of use. So instead of tinkering with it and ending it right away up breaking some core functionality, i finish up do that on Windows Sandbox instead.

That includes system-critical areas such as the Registry Editor. Whenever I need to meddle with the registry keys for my troubleshooting posts, I try that out in the Windows Sandbox first. That way, I don’t have to worry about anything breaking upWhen I do, all you have to do is reload the Windows Sandbox to start over.

Unleash yourself

Windows Sandbox is the perfect digital playground. Testing new programs, starting and verifying downloads, and messing around with the various Windows settings are things you should definitely do with this fantastic implementation. However, I would be careful with the wind. Everything has a loophole, so I wouldn’t be actively testing files known to contain malware. It still requires taking active precautions. The next up Sometimes Windows Sandbox stops connecting to the Internet. Learn what to do if that happens.

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