How to use your phone as a webcam for PC – Guide

On the one hand, you can turn an old appliance into a security device. camera or baby monitor that you can use without buying a new standalone camera. And if your device doesn’t have a front camera or your PC doesn’t have a built-in webcam, you can use the phone back camera for video calls. It’s obviously easier to buy a dedicated camera but if you don’t want to buy a new webcam or find a good use for your old one. phone instead of selling it, set it up that way is a good idea. If you are working from home and need to communicate with your team, a short video chat will suffice. while most laptops come with built-in webcams, desktops don’t and laptop cameras can break at any time. You can buy a new webcam, but if you don’t want to spend the money or don’t need it in the long run, a little free software can help. If you’re ready to give it a try, you can turn your phone or any smartphone backup on a webcam to your PC. Or maybe your laptop’s built-in webcam broke and you need to join an urgent online video conference? If you have an Android smartphone, you’re in luck: you can use it as a webcam on your Windows computer. All you need is the right Android app, a Windows software client, and a few taps and clicks here and there.

How to Use your smartphone Camera like a webcam for pc


After downloading and installing the EpocCam Webcam app on your smartphone, you will be directed to to install the appropriate drivers on your Mac or PC. You then need to download EpocCam iPhone Webcam Viewer from the App Store on your Mac or PC, and have your phone and computer on the same Wi-Fi network. You can also connect your iPhone to your computer via USB. (You can also use iPads.) Unfortunately, this app no ​​longer works with Android devices. After installing the drivers, the app on your iPhone will change to show an icon of your phone with some circles radiating from it. After launching the app on your notebook, you should see the video from your phonede camera in your computer. You can only use the rear or front camera on your iPhone. The free version of EpocCam limits the resolution of your camera to 640×480, and the app starts with an ad; if you upgrade to the paid version ($7.99), you can stream in higher resolutions up for 1080p, use pinch-to-zoom, use iPhone flash as a light source, get HDR video, and more.

iVCam webcam

iVCam works over Wi-Fi as well as a USB connection, and its mobile app is available for Android and iPhones. However, their desktop software only works on PCs, so it is not an option for Mac users. It supports multiple resolutions (up to 4K), and you can adjust camera settings such as exposure, frame rates and ISO. It also allows you to use both cameras on your phone, supports landscape and portrait modes, and lets you change your background. iVCam has a free trial, but you can upgrade to a full version, which costs $9.99 for a one-year subscription or $24.99 for a permanent subscription.


As with competing products, DroidCam is offered in both free and paid versions. The paid version, DroidCamX Pro, which costs $5, gets rid of in-app ads, ups the resolution to 720p, and offers more. camera controls such as flipping, mirroring and rotating the video, adjusting brightness and contrast, and turning on your smartphone’s LED flash to get more light. DroidCam, made by Dev47apps, has an app for Android and iPhones, but its desktop client only works on Windows and Linux systems. If you have a Windows machine, you’ll need one that runs Windows 10 64-bit, but if you’re on Windows 7 or 8, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported. You can connect your smartphone via Wi-Fi or USB, the latter of which will help preserve your phone’s battery life. phone. If you are using an Android phone, you can run DroidCam in the background and use it as an IP webcam.

NDI HX Camera

NDI requires you to download an app for your iPhone, as well as an app and driver for your iPhone. laptop. Both your computer and your smartphone need to be on the same wireless network; the NDI HX app streams a feed from your smartphone to the NDA app on your PC. Using the NDI Virtual Input program, you can tell the chat application of your choice to use your iPhone as the camera. NDIs mobile app has some cool on-screen tools like zoom, exposure adjustment, and the ability to use your phone’s flash as a light source. But its desktop software for chat apps is only available for PCs, and at $20, it’s also expensive.

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