How to Use YouTube Shorts on iPhone and Android – Guide

Google is competing against TikTok with its YouTube Shorts. After TikTok’s great success with short video formats, YouTube now wants to experiment too, but smartly. If you are one of the lucky ones who has access to YouTube Shorts, read on to learn the best. tips and tricks. So if Instagram Reels is TikTok’s quintessential rival, YouTube Shorts is no less impressive. If you’re looking for the best tips about how to use YouTube Shorts on iPhone and Android to get more leads or even earn money, this article is for you. Like TikTok, you can find all editing options like music, text, timer, etc. to give your video an amazing effect. You can also add filters and play with different permissions depending on the content of the shorts. Let’s start.

Create a short YouTube video

Add music to your short videos

Write text in your short videos

Upload your shorts video to the main shorts rack

This is an important trick below so the YouTube algorithm can recommend and display your short videos. Once you’ve created a short video, go to the “Add Details” page and include the hashtag “#shorts” in your video’s title and description. This will allow YouTube to recommend your video on the main clipboard of the app. Make sure you set your audience visibility and choose the right audience for your content.

Change the speeds of your video clips

You can also record a short video with different playback speeds offered by the YouTube app. You can record a short video at 5 preset playback speeds, ie.

Post a comment on your short video

Just like YouTube videos, you can comment and pin in the comments section of the short video to direct your audience to additional content like a channel link or even an entire playlist. That way, your viewers can get more involved with your shorts. As few people subscribe to the channel via shorts, it is important that you use these pinned comments trick to get more subscribers.

Final note

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