How to Utilise iCloud+ Private Relay – Guide

Apple designed Private Relay to prevent ad networks and other services from creating your profile based on your browsing activity over time. When using it, Apple claims that “no party, not even Apple, can see who you are and the websites you are visiting”. Private Relay achieves this by sending its requests through two separate Internet relays. The first (operated by Apple) handles your IP address and the second (operated by a third party provider) creates a temporary IP address and connects you to the website. Along the way, Private Relay encrypts your DNS records to hide the address of the website you are visiting from third-party intermediaries on the network. Using the service requires a certain degree of trust in Apple that it will actually keep your records private, just as using a VPN requires you to trust a VPN provider. Typically, when you browse the web, information contained in your web traffic, such as your DNS records and IP address, can be viewed by your network provider and the websites you visit. This information may be used to determine your identity and create a profile of your location and browsing history over time. iCloud Private Relay is designed to protect your privacy by ensuring that when you browse the web in Safari, no one, not even Apple, can see who you are. What websites are you visiting? When Private Relay is enabled, your requests are sent via two separate secure Internet relays. Your IP address is visible to your network provider and the first relay, which is operated by Apple. Your DNS records are encrypted, so no party can see the address of the website you are trying to visit. The second relay, which is operated by a third-party content provider, generates a temporary IP address, decrypts the website name you requested, and connects you to the website. All of this is done using the latest internet standards to maintain a high-performance browsing experience while protecting your privacy.

What is iCloud+

Announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, iCloud+ is a rebrand of the existing paid iCloud service plus newer features. Like iCloud itself, iCloud+ is available for iPhone, iPad and Mac. In addition to iCloud Private Relay, iCloud+ brings for the first time Hide My Mail, custom email domains for iCloud Mail, and expanded support for HomeKit Secure Video.

What does iCloud Private Relay do?

When enabled, iCloud Private Relay automatically encrypts traffic leaving your device. In doing so, it uses two internet relays so that no one can see your IP address, location and browsing activity.

How to turn on iCloud Private Relay

The iCloud Private Relay tool is automatically installed on Macs with macOS Monterey. However, you will still need to activate it as an iCloud+ subscriber.

on your Mac

To disable iCloud Private Relay

You can disable iCloud Private Relay by following these steps:

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