How to utilise Quick Note on iPad – Guide

Quick Note is a floating note editor available on your iPad home screen or while working in an app, and it’s new to iPadOS 15. We’ll show you how to open Quick Note and use it to store your thoughts, and then we’ll teach you how to close Quick Note when finished. You might be surprised at how useful this new feature It’s!

How to bring up Quick Note on iPadOS 15

Remember, Quick Note can only be invoked at any time and in any application, with a first-generation Apple Pencil, a second-generation Apple Pencil, or an Apple Pencil alternative like the ZAGG Pro Stylus. It can also work with your finger if you don’t have a pen. Using Apple Pencil, stylus, or finger, swipe inwards from the lower-right corner of the iPad screen. You will see a small gray box start to appear, make sure it is fully expanded and opaque before releasing the tip. Once the Quick Note is expanded, you can write or sketch in the box with your pen or finger, or switch to the keyboard to type. You can change your drawing tool with the button in the lower right corner, just like you would on a regular note. When you’re done using your Quick Note, tap Done to save it, or simply swipe it to auto-save.

How to bring up Quick note with an external keyboard

If you’re using an external Bluetooth keyboard or something like the Magic Keyboard for iPad, you can bring up Quick note without having to touch the screen.

One of the coolest things about Quick Note is that it uses intelligence to detect when you are using it in Safari. This lets you quickly save links to your quick note, and you can even highlight text and images in Safari to add them to your note.

How to see your saved quick notes

Quick Notes are saved separately in their own folder in your Notes application. Here it is how to visualize them.

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