How to Utilise the Mindfulness App – Guide

Apple is putting even more emphasis on psychological well-being with watchOS 8, iOS 15 and macOS Monterey. Also, for the Apple Watch, the Breathe app has been enhanced with another Reflect action, despite Breathe’s updated insight. This is how the Mindfulness app works on watchOS 8. Building on the Breathe app meditations in watchOS 7 and earlier, the new Reflect action in the redesigned and renamed Mindfulness app in watchOS 8 starts with a brief to focus your thoughts and consideration. While it’s simply Reflect and Breathe in the Mindfulness app until further notice, Apple may intend to bring sonic contemplations to the Apple Watch. The new Mindfulness app approaches the new Focus mode that works on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac.

How to Use the Mindfulness app

The only requirement to start using Mindfulness is to update your Apple Watch to watchOS 8. Afterwards, you will need to find it in your list of apps. The icon looks like a flower; you will not lose. You can change the Breathe and Reflect duration settings. Just do the following:

How to Change mindfulness settings

If you’re tired of the Mindfulness app, you can change how often you get notifications from it. You can also change other things like the weekly summary, haptic settings, or even your breathing rate.

How to Change Mindfulness Settings on Your Apple Watch

How to Change Mindfulness Settings on Your Apple Watch

If you don’t like using Apple Watch, you can also change your iPhone settings like this:

Track your mindfulness progress

As well as many other exercises and health features on Apple Watch, you can track your mindfulness workouts on Apple Watch. Also, you can track your daily activity on your watch or all your past workouts on your iPhone. You can also get a weekly summary on Apple Watch every Monday.

How to See your mindfulness progress on your Apple Watch

How to see your mindfulness progress on iPhone

If you want to get more details and manage your meditations, you’ll need to use your iPhone and the Fitness app.

How to To define Up Your weekly summary

You can enable or disable a weekly summary in your settings, as we taught you earlier. But here’s a little recap on how to do it on the iPhone.

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