How to View Application Names On Windows 10 Taskbar – Guide

People who have been using computers for a long time can easily recognize programs by looking at program icons. However, users who have recently started using computers may find it difficult to recognize programs in the Windows 10 taskbar by their icons. With default settings, Windows 10 does not show any program or application names on the taskbar. Of course, you can always right-click a program icon in the system tray to find the program name, but most users might not like this arrangement. Many users prefer to see application names along with application icons on the taskbar. If you want to see program names on the taskbar for easier recognition, there is an option in the taskbar settings to force the taskbar to show application names. The taskbar is a wonderful setting that provides efficiency to Windows users by allowing them to access software or programs directly from the shortcut icon on the taskbar without having to open the software in My Computer or folder. However, few users know that the taskbar can also add program names instead of their icons just because some users cannot recognize the program icon and it can be a bit time consuming for them to search for the desired programs in the taskbar .

How to Display App Names in Windows 10 Taskbar

To hide or show program names next to icons on the taskbar in Windows 10, do the following: To hide the icon names next to the icons on the taskbar, repeat the same steps as above, but this time, instead of selecting Never, select Always, hide labels, or When taskbar is full from the drop-down menu.

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