How to View Edit History of a Cell in Google Sheets – Guide

When working with Google Sheets, you may need to retrieve data or find out who made a change to a sheet. You can track changes and review revisions in Google Sheets using the view edit history function. If you work with spreadsheets regularly, understanding edit history and how to accessing it can be useful. In this post, we will discuss what edit history is, why it is essential, how to access it and some useful Google Sheets techniques. The edit history function in Google Sheets allows you to see previous versions of the file you are working with. Google Sheets is a web-based spreadsheet program that works well with other Google services. The edit history function allows you to review specific data about worksheet revisions and entries, which can be useful in many situations.

How to view edit history in Google Sheets

There are different methods for reviewing the version history in a Google Sheets file, and you can choose the one that works best for you depending on your job. You can follow these steps to view edit history in Google Sheets: The simplest way to open edit history in Google Sheets is to click on the last edit instruction at the top of the screen. This statement usually appears to the right of the help tab. Includes the date or time the file was last changed and is underlined. By clicking on this statement, you can open the window that shows information about previous editions. If the last edit statement doesn’t appear in your file, you can open the edit history via another method. To do this, locate the File tab in the upper left corner of the page. It is usually below the sheet title and to the left of the Edit tab. When you click the File tab, a menu of options appears, including ShareNew, Open, and Import. In the options menu of the File tab, there is an option called Version History. This option appears with a small arrow pointing to the right side of the page. Hovering over this option reveals another set of options. Within the version history options, there is an option that says View version history. Selecting this option allows you to open the Version History window. This window usually opens on the right side of the page and includes a list of various edits to the spreadsheet. When you open the window, the page displays the name of each edition in the upper left corner so you know which version appears on the screen. The default titles for each edition are usually the date and time they were saved, but you can change the title for each version. In the Version History window, you have the option to expand the details for each version if you wish. This can show you exactly what time and date each edit took place. When you click on the details within each version history, the app specifically shows where the changes took place by highlighting the cells in blue.

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