Sharing links on Instagram is different from other social media platforms. That’s because Instagram is primarily for sharing images, and over the years it has allowed for some flexibility in sharing links. Users like to share links to their product pages, petitions, causes and blogs. While you can browse hundreds of these stores and sites on Instagram, you won’t be able to remember them when you need to suggest them to a friend or colleague. Fortunately, Instagram was smart enough to include a way to find these sites or links in your profile so you can refer to them later. Now you can view all the websites you’ve opened on Instagram in one place. we will show you how to use the official Instagram apps for Android and iOS. This doesn’t work on the Instagram web app. But that doesn’t mean the desktop or web application is completely redundant. You can still check your DMs or see Instagram stories. However, putting links in comments or an Instagram post is still a tricky proposition. You need at least 10,000 users to post a link to your Instagram stories. That said, let’s take a look how to see all the links you’ve visited so far.

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