How to View Storage Device Icons on Desktop of Mac – Guide

Depending on how often you access files on your Mac’s file system, a desktop shortcut to your Mac’s main storage disk(s) may be useful. we will teach you how to Quickly activate the shortcut on your Mac’s desktop in this guide. To get started, you must have the Finder open in the foreground, which is indicated by the term Finder that appears in the menu bar. Otherwise, just bring the Finder icon to the foreground by clicking on it in your Mac’s Dock. Apple uses obscurity to obscure some of its best features, which is not done on purpose. You can choose and modify the icon of any file, folder, volume or drive for a long time – at least 15 years according to my study. However, it is a multi-step procedure that starts with the correct image. Origin symbols can be found all over the place. Generics can be found on sites like IconArchive and DeviantArt (which has a lot of NSFW content but is unrelated to drivers); companies that sell drives, such as One World Computing and LaCie, often make downloadable icons available for every model they sell; and you can copy an icon from an existing volume. You can also discover small efforts, like these 20 icons created by a designer at software developer Panic in 2012 using ancient Japanese motifs.

How to See Storage Device Icons on Mac Desktop

Just follow these instructions to see all your Mac’s storage devices on your desktop once you’re on the same page:

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