How to View Update History in Windows 11 – Guide

Similar to Windows 10, the new Windows 11 operating system is regularly updated in the background. For example, sometimes an update can break something on your system, like printing. And you may need to roll back the cumulative update. Or there may be times when you need to review which updates have been installed to make sure the security update is there. Whatever the reason you need to check for system updates, here it is how to do this in Windows 11. In Windows 11, the “Update History” settings allow you to see a list of the most recent updates installed on your device. laptop or desktop computer if you want to check whether a specific update was applied successfully or failed. The Windows 11 Update History page can be useful to learn more details about fixes, fixes, and known issues for a recently installed quality update, or to find out what caused the issues to uninstall it.

View Windows Update History in Control Panel

The first method to check Windows 11 update history is through the Control Panel. A special program designed to view and manage your computer’s settings, Control Panel can also help you see your Windows 11 update history. Here’s How to do this: The Installed Updates dialog will open. From there, you will be able to see a list of updates.

Check Windows Update History in Settings

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