How to View XPS Files in Windows 10 – Guide

An .XPS file is an XML paper specification file that describes the structure and content of a document, including its layout and appearance. XPS files can consist of one or more pages. First implemented as a replacement for the EMF format, XPS files are somewhat similar to Microsoft’s version of PDFs, but are based on the XML format. Due to the structure of XPS files, your description of a document does not change based on the operating system or printer and is consistent across platforms. XPS files share a document with others, so what you see on the page is what they see when using an XPS viewer. Create an XPS file on Windows by “printing” to the Microsoft XPS Document Writer when asked which printer to use. Microsoft is changing the way we view XPS files. In general, Windows provides an integrated application for viewing XPS files. But after the April 2018 update, some users claim that the XPS viewer is not available on their computers. In this case, we have to activate the XPS viewer manually. Or if you previously disabled XPS Viewer and want to view an XPS file, you will need to reinstall XPS Viewer.

How to Open XPS Files in Windows 10

Many users want to know how to read XPS files. Therefore, the most recommended solution is the XPS Viewer Tool. It allows users to open XPS files with basic information like creation date, file name and size (in KB). In addition, the software also offers a rating feature which allows you to sort displayed items by file name, creation date, and file size. No add-ons or plugins are required to use this utility. Operating the application is very easy as any non-technical or technical user can understand the entire process to open and view XPS document files. You can easily install and run this software on Windows OS.

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