How to View your Internet Usage on Windows 11 – Guide

Are you aware of how much data your Windows 11 computer consumes? Nobody wants their volume of data to be used up first thing in the morning. So keep an eye on your internet usage. Windows 11 makes it easy to track Internet usage. With internet usage tracking features built into Windows 11, you can easily check how much data your apps have consumed. Windows 11 provides basic information about network usage and the traffic that apps have consumed. Keep in mind that your ISP may evaluate data usage slightly differently. This article will help you track your internet usage, reset your data usage, or set a data limit on your Windows 11 computer. If you use a limited internet plan, Windows 11 lets you monitor your data usage and receive warnings before exceeding the limits. While most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) allow you to access the Internet without limits, there are also services that offer a limited amount of data per month. If you are on a limited data plan, you must use Data Usage feature that Windows 11 offers. This one feature is specifically designed to monitor connection data usage during a given cycle. You can also configure thresholds for receiving alerts to ensure you do not exceed your data quota. You can track Internet usage on your Windows 11 PC in the Network & Internet section of the Settings app. To monitor Internet data usage on Windows 11, perform the following steps.

How to see your internet usage in windows 11

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