Tall Tales are structured more like one-off mystery adventures that connect into an overarching story than like the brief, objective-focused Voyages, which are standard-issue RPG quests usually about killing a specific named enemy or collecting a specific item. Many of them start with hazy instructions and crude drawings that require you to solve riddles and go on actual scavenger hunts across various islands. They’re brain teasers that really test your detective skills, so it’s surprising you’re not pushed more directly toward them as “main missions” in some way. Instead, you stumble across them in the world through NPCs and lore books.  We have mentioned below to Voice Chat in Sea of Thieves not Working

Ways to Voice Chat in Sea of Thieves not Working

Update your audio driver

If you’re familiar with computer hardware, you can go straight to the headset’s manufacturer’s website and look for the most recent correct driver. After downloading the correct drivers for your system, double-click the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to instal the driver.

Restart Windows audio service

Check the in-game audio settings

Temporarily disable your antivirus

Some players claim that when they enable their antivirus, Sea of Thieves voice chat does not work. Although anti-virus software is designed to protect your computer from potential threats, it can occasionally block certain features of other apps or games. Turn off your antivirus software and restart your game to see if that’s the problem.

Enable Mic Access for Sea of Thieves in Windows Privacy Setting

Enable Chat Access in Privacy Settings of Xbox

Check For System Requirment



For the first time, entering the beautifully realised world can be continuously breathtaking – the beauty of the sun setting on an azure sea, the wonderful soundtrack that captures and elevates both the moments of adventure and the calm ones. The creaks and groans of your ship as it navigates the crashing waves are immersive and extremely well done. There’s also the downtime between those moments navigating ferocious storms, adjusting sails to catch the wind, patching holes in your hull, and bailing water as you and your crew work together to sail is a joy, and it’s truly one of the highlights of Sea of Thieves. The game soars here, especially with friends, for crews that assign themselves defined roles. Sea of Thieves is a’shared-world adventure game‘ that is always online (or SWAG for short). However, it is critical to note that this is not an MMO. While your character and levels are persistent in the game, the world is not. Every time you load in, you’re given a new ship to quickly customise. You can choose between three types of ships: the small but agile Sloop, which can be crewed by either a solo or a two-player crew; the fast but single-decked Brigantine (or Briggy as it’s affectionately known) for three players; and the impressive and formidable Galleon. Maximum firepower and speed with the wind, but slow to manoeuvre. Anything you discovered in your previous session, such as storage crates or resources, does not accompany you.

Final Words

We hope like pour article on How to Fix Voice Chat in Sea of Thieves. A large number of players have recently complained about voice chat issues, and the majority of this could be attributed to the lack of permission granted to the game by your platform. The new open-world game Sea of Thieves has taken everyone by storm, and despite its relatively recent release, it has amassed a sizable fan base. However, there have been reports of players encountering some generic, mostly fixable errors. It is the result of overzealous players rushing into gameplay before sorting through the various prompts that appear asking for hardware permissions regarding access to hardware. If the problem still resides then you may go to their official site and find more solutions.

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