How to watch Apple’s ‘iPhone 13’ launch event – Guide

Considering Apple’s new event is called “California Streaming,” it’s no surprise that you can see the “iPhone 13” announcement live, but there are many different ways. Here it is how to Knife. Apple hasn’t even confirmed that its next event will be feature the new “iPhone 13” but announced a date, time – and some of the ways to watch. “California Streaming” will be on Tuesday, September 14, starting at 10:00 am PT. There is already a page on YouTube where the video will premiere then. YouTube may be the most universal way to watch, as every device you can think of has a YouTube player. So whether you’re watching it on an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV 4K or even a PC, you can watch it live. Plus, you can go to YouTube and set a reminder right now. Just to top it off, though, note that depending on where you are in the world, YouTube video tends to lag a bit behind the live stream. If there is any delay, it will be on the order of seconds, and certainly never more than a minute. Still, if you’re reading Twitter at the same time, you’ll likely see comments like “How much does it cost?” before the video even mentioned the Apple Watch Series 7. After the event ends, YouTube has the advantage of being easier to search for the segments that interest you. On all platforms, you can drag the slider to advance quickly. Also, in Safari on a Mac, you can use the video editors’ standard debug tools and press J, K, or L, or move in short jumps. Apple’s own website is also good after the event because it shows timeline markers. Hover over the video on a Mac and you’ll see dots for each point changed by the subject, and if you click on a certain area, you’ll see the description. Also, if you watch after the broadcast ends, Apple will soon release an American Sign Language version on its events page.

Apple’s own website

As always, Apple is broadcasting the event live through its own website. And as has been happening in recent events, he’s actually broadcasting exclusively through the American version of the site. If you’re watching from anywhere else in the world, Apple’s local website will be promoting the event and will tell you the local time it starts. But then it will take you to the US page of the actual event. Apple recommends viewing your site on an iPhone 7 or later, iPad 5th or later, or Mac through Safari on macOS Mojave 10.14 or later. He notes that you can stream it to an Apple TV and also that recent versions of Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge can be played if they support MSE, H.264 and AAC.

Apple TV and more

It might seem like it doesn’t make much sense to stream the event from your iPhone to your Apple TV, as you can just watch it directly on the Apple TV 4K. But finding it there remains as peculiarly difficult as it has been since Apple launched its Apple Events app on Apple TV. The event will be there, but you won’t find it until it starts. Once it’s happened, and forever after, searching for “Apple events” will transform you up in the Movies section.

Alternatively, just use the YouTube app on Apple TV.

If you can’t watch on any device because of where you are or what you’re doing, please remember that AppleInsider will have full coverage during the event and review later.

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