Guide: How to Watch Hulu and Pan­do­ra Out­side the US

In the past, we have seen many ways we can bypass the country restrictions imposed by sites like Hulu and Netflix and watch them as a US user to watch videos. The latest service we saw was Tunlr, which allowed us to easily change our connection DNS and browse these limited websites. But the main problem with the service was that since the DNS was only for watching videos on Hulu and Netflix, it slowed down normal Internet browsing. Moreover, the service is about to remove Netflix from the list at any time due to the increase in the number of users. These issues made it quite difficult to use Tunlr on a regular basis. To change that, I’m going to show you an extremely easy way today (probably the easiest way) to watch Hulu, Netflix and listen to Pandora radio from any country. I will not ask you to change your DNS, nor will I ask you to use a VPN service. All I will ask you is to install an extension in your browser and nothing else. Seductive, right? Read more.

Media hint for Chrome and Firefox

Mediahint is an extension for Firefox and Chrome that allows you to watch Netflix and Hulu and listen to Pandora radio outside the US. Open the Media Hint home page in your browser (Firefox or Chrome) and click on it button Start using. Depending on the browser you are using, you will be redirected to the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-on Center from where you can install the extension.

After the extension is installed in your browser, restart it. You won’t notice any change in the area of ​​your browser extension, but wait until you open Hulu or Netflix … they will no longer show you the country restriction banner! So, as I said, you just need to install the extension.

How Media Hint works

I was really surprised to see a simple extension that does the trick which required DNS change to this day, VPN services et al. That’s why I decided to investigate how this thing worked. But the developer has not provided any information on how the extension works on the extension’s official website. However, according to this thread on Reddit, the extension uses a proxy when Hulu or Netflix determines your location, but when you listen to a song or stream a video, it switches to a direct connection.

So this means that you will not compromise on your actual speed while browsing the above mentioned websites.


The extension is free to use and I don’t see many users complaining about experiencing problems. Some reviewers on the Chrome Store seem to be asking for permission to access data on all sites. While it certainly sounds alarming, I have found that many extensions do. There is always some risk involved in exposing your browser to add-ons. The final phone call is always yours. I highly doubt the party will last long enough and it’s only a matter of time before the engineers at Hulu and Netflix come up with a solution, but why not make the most of it until then? Let us know if you tried it and if it went well.

How to Watch Hulu and Pan­do­ra Out­side the US: benefits


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