You can download certain local networks’ official Roku apps straight from the Roku Channel Store. While some are free, others require a subscription. Due to licensing agreements, certain stations’ dedicated Roku apps won’t exactly match the over-the-air channel. To find the channel you want and add it to your Roku, utilize the search function in the Roku Channel Store.

Ways to Watch Local Channels on Roku

Official Roku local TV channels

The Channel Store is a great place to begin using Roku to view local channels. More than 100 free local news stations with network affiliations are available in the Roku Channel Store. Visit the News and Weather section on your Roku device or online to view a list.

Download third-party local TV apps

Your local TV station doesn’t have a Roku app if you can’t find it in the Roku Channel Store. Alternative methods of getting access to these channels include third-party applications like News  ON and Haystack TV. More than 170 TV stations from all over the United States are available on News ON for free. This software was developed in collaboration with major TV station companies like ABC, Cox Media Group, and Raycom Media. Users of the similar app Haystack TV have access to local and national news channels.

Final Words

So here we conclude our article on how to Watch Local Channels on Roku. Everything is available on Roku, including live baseball games, on-demand movies, and even panda and other animal feeds. Roku offers live TV channels, including “thin bundle” streaming services for live TV like Sling TV. hat about regional media, though? Longtime readers and cord-cutters may be aware that local channels can be accessed for free over the air (OTA) using an OTA antenna.

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