How to watch YouTube without ads on your Phone and Android TV – Guide

I am an avid YouTuber. In fact, in my house, about 60% of our data goes to YouTube usage. It is the most used app on all our devices. We follow dozens of channels as a family, including tech channels, cooking channels, as well as local drama channels. Over the past few months, I’ve noticed an increase in the number of ads that YouTube shows and their algorithm can be downright annoying with ads displayed in the middle of a three-minute song. Sometimes an ad is repeated 10 times in a row. The unfortunate thing is that, as a Zimbabwean, there is very little I can do about it other than blocking the ads. YouTube Premium remains unavailable to Zimbabweans for some reason. I don’t even know what’s holding up It’s. It can’t be billing or technology issues, as Google has the talent and resources to be able to deliver that. The only other reason I can think of is that some greedy copyright holders, interested in maximizing profits, are causing this. I know that many Zimbabwean channels rely on YouTube Adsense Ads for revenue, so this article was written with a great deal. heart and a lot of regret. To mitigate this in our house, we decided to watch local productions with ads and all other things with ads blocked. Adblocking has been around for nearly a decade. It was praised by many activists as the reason companies like Google, which rely on ad revenue, have worked to improve the ad experience by not implementing certain types of annoying ads.

How to block YouTube ads on your phone?

YouTube ads on phones are a little harder to block than saying in the browser. There are two popular ways to block ads. The first used by browser extensions. Adblock extensions block JavaScript scripts used to fetch ads. The second uses DNS blocking, as Blockada DNS-based blockers maintain a list of known Adserver addresses and do not return domain errors whenever a request is made to those servers. None of these methods work for YouTube apps. This is because the apps make requests directly to YouTube’s ad servers and pull video ads from there. The only way to block these ads, unfortunately, is to use modified apps. This is not without risk and you should only download modified applications from sources you can trust. The best modified app for YouTube mobile phones and tablets is YouTube Vanced. The app has been in active development for years and is based on the official YouTube app. It offers ad blocking as well as many others. features only offered for premium YouTube users and YouTube music as background music playback. To install YouTube Vanced, you need to follow these steps: Access the app’s official website. Remember what I said about downloading modified apps only from sites you can trust? I feel the need to repeat it here. Malware makers are well aware of the fact that YouTube Vanced is popular. They often make similar sites and upload malware-loaded versions of YouTube Vanced. Google YouTube Vanced and you’ll see how many clone sites there are. Download the latest version of Vanced Manager. This app should make it easy to install YouTube Vanced on your phone and keep it up so far, without you having to download it manually each time.

Install Vanced Manager on your phone

Open Vanced Manager, when doing this for the first time you will be asked to select the applications you want to install. There is YouTube Vanced and YouTube Vanced Music. Just leave the selections as they are and click the next arrow. You will be asked to confirm that your device is connected. Don’t worry, this app won’t root your phone is not rooted. It’s just that if you rooted your phone you can get more features with YouTube Vanced. So if your phone is rooted, you will be prompted to grant root access to the application. Otherwise, just select no. A warning will be displayed asking you to make sure to download the app from the official website before proceeding Click on download button for each application and will be automatically installed on your phone. Once you’ve installed the YouTube Vanced app, you can watch YouTube without having to fend off annoying ads from artists you’ve never heard of. Watch YouTube without ads on your Android TV You can also install YouTube Vanced on an Android TV device like the Mi Box S or your Android TV smart TV, but the truth is, the experience is hardly ideal. YouTube Vanced is made for touchscreens and you are reminded of this fact whenever you open it. Browsing is weird and annoying. You need an app made for smart TV if you want to avoid going crazy. There is such an application and it is called SmartTubeNext. Unlike Vanced app, this is not a mod. This is an independent open source project that was created from scratch and aims to be the best alternative to the official YouTube app on a converter or TV. Like the Vanced app, SmartTubeNext offers more than ad blocking. offers features such as the ability to select the desired encoded playback and audio stream. To install this app on your Android TV device, you need to follow these steps: Once the download is complete, you can install the app via Downloader. You may need to change the settings for this if this is your first time using Downloader. You will receive a notice telling you to allow Downloader to install apps on your device.

Final note

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