How to win every last circle in Pubg mobile – Guide

Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) shocked the gaming world. Most smartphone users have the game installed on their devices. PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game for beginners, if any. Hundreds of your players are parachuted onto an island, and the objective of your mission is to use survival strategies such as scavenging for equipment and weapons to survive to the end. Safe zones continue to shrink in size, leading to encounters between players. You have to kick other players out of the game without removing yourself. The last team or the last person standing with the slogan “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” will be the winner.

How to win every last circle on pubg mobile

Use solid coverage

At the final Pubgm match zone, there is less chance to get ‘suitable skins’ like building, stones. And it’s your good luck if you find these covers in this situation. But if solid hiding places are lacking, you need to look for an alternative. For example, there you will have bushes and trees with a high chance. So hide there and wait patiently for your enemy. After a long fight, you’ve reached the last zone, so don’t make the mistake of attacking your enemy. Just wait for the enemy secretly until he doesn’t give you a signal or comes out into the open area.

Use smoke grenade correctly

The smoke grenade is the most effective weapon to survive in the last zone. If you can’t find any cover to hide, the smoke grenade will keep you safe. You can use the grenade to cover an open area to revive your teammate. Creates a smoke effect. Therefore, even if your enemy detects you, his mind will be diverted by the ‘effect’ of a smoke bomb. So you must choose up at least 4 smoke grenades to throw them at the final zone to win the match.

Make a cover line with the vehicle

Making a cover line with the vehicle is the best strategy to survive in the last zone of the game. But, this plan doesn’t always work for you – because in the final circle, it is difficult to find a vehicle. However, if you have any vehicles during the last circle, you will need to blow them up to make a perfect cover line.

Throw flag grenade and molotov cocktail

There is the best perk of using flag grenade and Molotov cocktail in Pubg final zone because this weapon has a special ability- it doesn’t give any sign of provocation to the enemy like other weapons.-No one can notice where it is thrown from. so choose up at least 3 frag grenades and 2 Molotov cocktails to use them to earn Pubg mobile last circle.

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