How to Wrap Text in Excel – Guide

A normal Excel worksheet has cells that are 8.43 points wide and 15 points high. This is usually about 64 pixels wide and 20 pixels tall. If the text data is long, you can increase the cell width to fit the length of the data. A better option would be wrap the text and increase the line height to fit the data in the cell! In this article, you will learn several ways to wrap your text data to fit in the cell. If the text is too long to fit in the cell, it will automatically adjust to appear on multiple lines in the cell. The data in the cell is not changed and no newline characters are inserted. The text is simply formatted to appear on multiple lines.

How to Wrap Text in Excel

Wrap Text in Excel using keyboard shortcut

the fastest way to wrap text in Microsoft Excel is to use the keyboard shortcut. This keyboard shortcut is extremely useful for wrapping text one cell at a time. Learn how to quickly wrap text in Excel here.

Wrap Text in Excel using the Wrap text option

The most common and easiest way to wrap text in Excel is to use the Wrap Text option. Now if you are wondering where to find text wrap in Excel, you can find it on the Ribbon at Home tab.

Wrap Text in Excel using the Format Cells dialog box

The Format Cells dialog box contains all the formatting options needed for a cell or range of cells in Excel. Here it is how to wrap text using the Format Cells dialog box.

Wrap Text in Excel adjusting row height and column width automatically

If the line height does not automatically adjust to all text, you can wrap the text by manually clicking and adjusting the line to height. However, there is an easier method. Below you will learn how to wrap text in Excel by automatically adjusting the row and column height of your cells.

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