How to zoom in on Android Device Display – Guide

If for some reason you want to quickly enlarge your Android phone’s, Google offers an easy way to do this. Remember, it’s not just about zooming in on a webpage in your browser or an image in your photo album, but (almost) anything on your screen, anytime, anywhere: on the Play Store. , in the YouTube app, when playing a video, when playing a game, in the home screen, on the lock screen, etc. What should be noted is the gesture of magnification feature. You can find it in Settings -> Accessibility. O feature is disabled by default, so you must enable it to use it. Once you find the zoom gestures feature in the Accessibility menu and clicked on it, here’s how it works: a triple tap will zoom in on the screen, and then you can drag two fingers across the screen and adjust the zoom level using the familiar pinch-to-zoom. To return to the normal screen, you need to tap three times again. Another (slightly different) way to zoom in is to tap three times without removing your finger from the screen after the third tap. This provides temporary magnification and allows scrolling with the same finger. As soon as you lift your finger, you will return to the normal screen.

How to enlarge your android phone display

The first thing you need to do is navigate to your phone settings. You can do this from the app drawer or by simply swiping down twice as shown below. Once you’ve done that, tap on the settings wheel.

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