Interestingly, the strap comes in only one size. The strap can be removed with a delicate pin, and while the included option is ideal for larger wrists, those with smaller arms may want to consider a replacement. The Amazfit Bip 3 Pro is an odd fitness tracker because it clearly has ambitions to be a bit more comprehensive. It runs on Android and iOS, so it runs through the Zepp app, which works well – it offers the kind of Fitbit-esque dashboard for your tracking and exercise you’ve probably seen elsewhere. But more than that, it’s where you can send your data. Like many fitness trackers, it can write to Apple’s Health app, but perhaps most impressive is its integration with Strava. This is ideal if you are a heavy user and don’t want to manually enter data every time. Another major point of frustration for many is that inexpensive apps don’t integrate well with the service. Amazfit gave the Bip 3 Pro a 5ATM water resistance rating. This is an upgrade from the IP68 rating of the original Bip and matches the Bip U, giving it something that can swim in pools and open water up to 50 meters deep. While the original Bip was a surprisingly good running watch with accurate GPS and core running metrics, the Bip 3 Pro is not just for those who are into running. It features more than 60 sports modes, including cycling, swimming (pool and open water), and indoor workouts such as elliptical and indoor rowing. Additionally, there are dedicated modes for fishing and skateboarding. In terms of heart rate monitoring, the chest strap monitor on the Garmin HRM-Pro Plus could shift the average and maximum values by as much as 20 bpm, and this was for a workout at a constant pace. Nor can an external heart rate monitor be connected to improve heart rate. Amazfit continuously monitors your heart rate and allows you to choose the rate at which it measures that heart rate 24/7. It can also measure blood oxygen on the spot, which it does using Amazfit’s BioTracker 2 PPG optical sensor. This is actually not the latest version of the biometric sensor currently available in Amazfit watches.

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