The R1280T speakers are 9.2 by 5.7 by 7.7 inches (HWD) each, with wood veneer paneling on the sides and a matte metallic finish on top. The grilles are gray cloth and removable, with the Edifier logo at the bottom. Each speaker has a 4-inch woofer, a 13mm silk dome tweeter, and a port to move air and allow the drivers to perform more efficiently beneath the grille. The right speaker is the only one that is powered; its power is fed to the left unit via a detachable cable (included). The right speaker also includes an infrared sensor for a simple remote control with three buttons: Mute, Volume Up, and Volume Down. Dual RCA inputs are available on the back panel of the right speaker. One is labeled PC, and a 3.5mm-to-RCA cable included works with both PCs and mobile devices. The other is labeled AUX, and a second RCA-to-RCA cable is included for use with standard stereo equipment or televisions with RCA outputs. The power switch and hardwired power cable are also located on the back panel. There is no wireless connectivity, so you can only stream music from your phone or other device via Bluetooth. A recessed area housing three knobs is also located on the right side panel of the right speaker. The bottom knob controls volume, the middle controls bass, and the top controls treble. The bass and treble knobs have detents for the neutral setting, which is located in the center of the dial. Unfortunately, there is no visual indicator other than a plus and minus sign on the volume control, so you can’t glance at it and tell what level your system is set to. There is no stopping point on the dial, so you can’t simply turn it all the way left and know that the volume is at its lowest setting. (Of course, you can turn it a few times in this direction and know it’ll be low, but a visual indicator would have been helpful here.) A power LED is located beneath these dials.

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