This is immediately apparent in the form of Roccat’s ‘Titan Click’ feature. Titan Click’s mechanisms beneath the two main split mouse buttons were completely overhauled, resulting in an undeniably pleasing experience. Hidden hinges and low-tolerance springs give both buttons a satisfying, responsive click. However, the scroll wheel is the true mechanical star of this mouse. The Titan Wheel 2.0 not only feels good to scroll with, but it also has a weighty wheel click with good physical feedback. That design quality extends to the rest of the mouse as well. The two side buttons and DPI switcher are all responsive, and despite the lack of a thumb rest, the overall shape of the mouse fits comfortably under the palm. The Roccat Kain 202 AIMO weighs just over a hundred grams and is extremely comfortable to use. The 50-hour battery life – which is dependent on RGB brightness – is adequate for any wireless mouse, though we wish Roccat hadn’t specifically shaped the mouse’s microUSB charging port to ensure use of the included cable. If you lose the cable that comes with the Roccat Kain 202 AIMO, you can’t replace it with any cheap microUSB power cable, which is a frustrating trend with a lot of tech hardware right now. The setup is also fairly simple; simply plug in the tiny USB dongle and you’re ready to go. The use of Roccat’s Swarm software is required here, as it allows you to fine-tune everything from DPI profiles to automatic standby modes. Fortunately, Swarm is a simple program that doesn’t try to clutter your PC with unnecessary add-ons like some hardware control software. We mentioned RGB lighting earlier, and it’s present, but it’s subtle, with gently pulsing rainbow LEDs beneath the scroll wheel and Roccat logo. It looks nice and flashes briefly with different colors when you press the DPI profile switch button to change your sensitivity on the fly.

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