Called the HDR 120-W, these convertible headphones are on-ear, with foam-filled fabric under the removable ear pads to provide the necessary pressure relief. The ear cups are adjustable in centimeter increments to accommodate a variety of head shapes. Size adjustment is built into the headband, which consists of three pads. Weighing only 215g (including batteries), these headphones are lightweight and do not cause fatigue even when worn for long periods of time. This is an essential requirement for TV headphones. The TR 120-W transmitter takes only a few seconds to connect and is ready to use. Plug in the mains adapter, connect the cinch cable to the corresponding socket on the TV and insert the batteries into the headphones – that’s it. All that remains is to turn on the headphones and adjust the volume. Both are done with the switches and controls on the ear cups. For use in a home theater, hi-fi, or stereo system, connect them to the TAPE OUT of your receiver or preamplifier. This way, the headphones can have their own volume control, separate from the volume control on the receiver or remote control. If your preamp or receiver has a second zone preamp output, or if you can choose to have it recorded separately from the sound coming from your main speakers, you can send a different signal to these wireless headphones than to your main speakers. Smart, right? The biggest help is when you use one of these links to approved sources when you get something, no matter what country you live in. This is the biggest source of support for this site and by extension my family. I have been using these sites since before this site was created because they have the best prices and service. I personally recommend them all.

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