However, this hidden album was just a tap away from revealing your sensitive pictures, and anyone who had physical access to your unlocked iPhone could view your hidden pictures with ease. Another factor that made your hidden photos less secure was that any third-party app that had a picture selector could still display your hidden pictures even though they were hidden in the Photos app. In iOS 16, Apple made the Hidden album in the Photos app more secure by locking it with Face ID, Touch ID, or the device’s passcode. This means that when you open the hidden album, you have to authenticate with your face or fingerprint so that no one but you can access the pictures you send to that album. This also ensures that no third-party app can view your sensitive images without your access via the image selector.

iOS 16: Steps to Hide Photos and Videos

Final Words

We hope like our article on iOS 16: how to Hide Photos and Videos. When you click a photo or video, it opens in the Photos app on your iPhone along with other media. Additionally, since all of your images are in one location, it could be challenging to conceal the private ones while browsing the library to show a friend anything.

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