They utilize the same app as some of our favorite, more expensive Jabra models, which includes user-adjustable EQ and a number of other helpful features. All in all, these on-ear headphones are a great value for the money, great for your home office, and an Editors’ Choice. Reviews of headphones are a lot of fun. But writing them is also really challenging. After all, people’s perceptions of sound quality vary greatly. It is more difficult to write about headphones with concrete examples because not everyone enjoys the same kinds of sounds that we do. This is made even more challenging by the Jabra Elite 45h headphones because they perform a variety of tasks admirably and are generally excellent headphones. There are, however, a lot of things in this that we wish were better.


The Jabra Elite 45h’s design can best be characterized as “functional,” but doesn’t every set of on-ear headphones appear to be useful? There isn’t much room for ostentatious design flourishes here. The 160g weight of the 45h makes them lightweight enough to wear for long periods of time. Although you might need to adjust the fit slightly to get the earcups to sit flush on your ears, once they are, they feel secure. There is nothing wrong with the way the 45h are put together, and there are no creaks or groans from the frame when it is on your head. Part of that pleasantly light weight build is because Jabra specified some fairly thin plastics. But you can’t stop all sound from leaking out, no matter how tightly you clamp them to your ears. Since the headband adjustment arms are hidden inside the headband itself, the appearance is kept clean and the earcups articulate on their yokes to fold almost flat. Although there are no brakes or detents, the Jabras will stay their position fairly contentedly once you’ve found the right amount of adjustment. Regarding the physical interaction, the right earcup is entirely responsible. There is a slider for “power on/off” and “Bluetooth pairing,” a USB-C input for charging the battery on occasion, a three-button array for “volume up/down,” “skip forward/backward,” and “play/pause,” and one more button to activate your preferred voice assistant. The right earcup also has a two-mic array, but in all honesty, that feature of the Jabras’ performance is likely the least outstanding. Despite the company’s claims of wind noise protection and some noise reduction on outgoing voice signals, calls are nevertheless plagued by unwanted noise of all kinds. Your voice bouncing back when you talk, wind noise, otherwise undetectable sounds of the frame bending… The 45h might not be for you if you value call quality more than sound quality. The Sound+ app is significantly better. It has a few preset EQs, five-band custom equalisation, and the option to name and save a custom preset. On first meeting, it will ask you for your age (rude), play a few test tones to determine your hearing condition, and then make a slight adjustment to the Jabras’ default EQ. There are many additional options to customise your 45-hour experience however you like, and the app, thankfully, remains stable the entire time.

Jabra Elite 45h Review: Comfort

The Elite 45h is comfortable to wear for roughly two to three hours. The headphones are not burdensome due to their light weight, nor does the rubber padding on the headband put undue strain on the skull. The “soft and moldable memory foam” isn’t very cushiony; there were times we noticed our ears pressing up against the dispersion plates. However, the leatherette covering on the earpads feels soft against the skin. When wearing in-ear or over-the-ear headphones, people frequently experience slippage. Some pairs can sometimes slip around and fall off with the smallest head movement. With the Elite 45h, we weren’t confronted with that issue. With Jabra’s on-ear headphones, we could move around the house or jam out to our favourite Spotify playlists with a stable and secure fit. Additionally, the open-back style and porous earpads offered crucial ventilation, keeping our ears dry while binge-watching YouTube videos.


The Jabra Elite 45h was simple to pair and supports a number of Bluetooth profiles, including HSP v1.2, HFP v1.7, A2DP v1.3, AVRCP v1.6, PBAP v1.1, and SPP v1.2. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 for pairing. Up to 8 devices can be paired simultaneously, and multi-connect is also supported. In other words, you can connect the Jabra Elite 45h to two devices simultaneously and switch between them by pressing the multifunction button. also you will learn our article on Jabra Elite 45h Review.

Jabra Elite 45h Review: Audio performance

You should continue reading if the idea of a “perky” sonic signature appeals to you. The Jabra Elite 45h almost has more features than it knows how to use. While the rest of us discuss how lively and upfront the 45h sound is, you might want to go and have a nice nap if the word “perky” sounds exhausting to you. The Jabras deliver music with a genuine fire and enthusiasm. The 45h are an animated, up-and-at-’em listen with little patience, ranging from the foot-to-the-floor attack of Neil Young’s Rockin’ in the Free World to the somewhat more measured No Church on Sunday by Princess Chelsea. Tonally, there isn’t anything to object to about this. While there is nothing inherently wrong with the extension or control of bass notes, the 45h are particularly assured in the low frequencies department. However, their forthright nature can occasionally cause them to sound a little dislocated from the frequency information above them. The bottom end, however, is nicely detailed and has good discipline in the beginning and end of each note or hit. Similar animation can be heard in the midrange, which makes singers sound like they are giving it their all (even if, like Princess Chelsea, they are aiming for a “remote” and “detached” sound). Again, the level of detail is impressive, and the Jabra soundstage has enough room for a vocalist to move around as much as they need. However, there are a few issues at the very top of the frequency spectrum. When delivered by headphones as lively and engaged as these, treble always sounds a little bit edgy, and the 45h frequently sounds dangerously close to sounding aggressive. The Jabras, however, always err on the edge of the line, never quite crossing it. Of course, the treble response in the app can be fine-tuned, but the range of adjustment is too small to noticeably alter the sound. The 45h also give a confident account of themselves in the majority of other areas. They’re as dynamic as you like, more than willing to go from “quiet” to “loud” – and, ideally, “louder still.” This much is almost a given. To their credit, the Jabras keep their composure even when the volume is turned up all the way; the three-dimensionality of their soundstage doesn’t vanish just because it’s louder.

Call performance

The Elite 45h’s microphone performance and noise cancellation are reliable, reducing background noise for crystal-clear talks. Our friend could hear us very clearly from outside and even gave us a complement on the loudness and vocal quality. Although there wasn’t much background noise surrounding us, she didn’t pick up on any of it either. We also adored how the mics enabled us to pick up even the slightest sounds in the backyard, such as the breeze or the little lizards darting across the hammock surrounded by pebbles. We didn’t hear any extraneous noise, but we can see how stronger winds might produce it. When taking Zoom calls in your pyjamas while working from home, the Elite 45h performs even better indoors.

Battery and charging

The Elite 45h headphones truly shine in this area. The headphones have a staggering 50 hours of battery life on a single charge. We were pleasantly surprised by the battery backup these headphones offer because we don’t anticipate Sony headphones to offer such excellent battery life. The claims are also accurate; over the past few days, we have been able to get by with music playing at a volume of about 60 to 70% while listening to it. you will read our article on Jabra Elite 45h Review. Jabra also states that these headphones will last an additional 10 hours after a 15-minute charge. We are not shocked that this is available as fast charging for headphones is nothing new. However, a fantastic fast charging option is 10 hours in 15 minutes. Basically, once the pandemic is over, these headphones should help you get through your flights, waiting in airports, and more.

Jabra Elite 45h Review: Conclusion

One of the simplest on-ear headphones to recommend in this price range are the Jabra Elite 45H. You also get a good microphone, comfy design, good sound quality, and access to the handy Jabra Sound+ app with a five-band EQ and music presets, in addition to the fantastic battery life of roughly 50 hours. The Jabra Elite 45H headphones are a good pair of headphones in almost every way and offer very little for less than 10K. However, if you do want ANC, you might want to think about the slightly more expensive Sennheiser HD 450BT.

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