In the sub-$200 price range, JBL’s Reflect Flow Pro noise-cancelling true wireless headphones are up against stiff competition. They have powerful audio performance, reliable active noise cancellation (ANC), and a completely waterproof and dustproof design working in their favour. We particularly enjoy the JBL companion app, which has a number of helpful features, including an efficient, programmable EQ. Jabra’s $199.99 Elite 7 Pro earphones offer slightly better sound out of the box and more customizable ANC settings, but they aren’t quite as durable. For just a little bit more money, we prefer these earphones. you will learn our article on JBL Reflect Flow Pro review.


These earphones are an improvement over the Reflect Flow, sharing the same shape and size. They have a circular shape, an attached wing-tip (which can be changed for a wing of a different size or one without a tip), and are small in stature. A rock-solid fit and seal are produced by the Reflect Flow Pro’s form, size, and wing-tip. Although the fit might slightly relax when exercising, the earphones kept in place. The key word here is “slightly.” Thankfully, these earbuds are also very comfortable. The ear- and wing-tip options give you the option to find something that, well, fits. We didn’t experience any discomfort while running or wearing them in the gym. The Reflect Flow Pro comes with a matching-colored case with a hang loop and is offered in four colours (black, white, blue, and pink). Like the earbuds themselves, the case emphasises function over aesthetics. When the case is opened and closed, a hard-to-miss LED indicator on the front of the case displays the battery level. Around the back are a USB-C charging port and a button to activate the Bluetooth pairing for the earbuds.

JBL Reflect Flow Pro review: Comfort

When it comes to fit, the Jabra Elite Reflect Flow Pro headphones definitely excel. We discovered that these true wireless earphones are truly unmatched if a secure feeling is what you’re looking for. The “check my best fit” feature on the JBL headphones app allows you to determine which of the three sizes of silicone earbud tips provide the best seal for the best sound and fit. Simply put them in your ears and choose this choice; the app will then inform you of their suitability for you. You’ll also discover four different sizes of silicone “powerfins” in the box, which are tiny rubber protrusions that fit tightly against the antihelix (the ridge inside the outer ear) to prevent the earbuds from moving about when you work out. The headphones remained in place during our testing, which included short sprints, extended runs, as well as HIIT and CrossFit workouts that included high-impact exercises like skipping double-unders and burpees. In addition, they passed the test of sitting snugly in our ears after we removed a tight-fitting blouse, which has been the downfall of many other headphones. The pressure of the powerfins occasionally caused our ears to hurt after particularly long sessions, but this only happened after two or more hours of nonstop use.


Smooth operation of Bluetooth 5.0 ensures reliable connectivity on all systems (iOS, Android, Windows). The wireless range was 40 feet long. Opening the charging case instantly connects the earbuds to any recognized devices, and on Android smartphones, Google Fast Pair speeds up the process. also you will check our article on JBL Reflect Flow Pro review. Dual Connect technology from JBL is here to seamlessly switch connections between devices in place of multipoint technology, which pairs to two devices at once. While we prefer the former, Dual Connect can be useful on rare occasions, such as when you’re using your Android phone to return from a run and your MacBook Pro to make an urgent Zoom call.

JBL Reflect Flow Pro review: Noise cancelling

Better wireless ANC earbuds from JBL have been tested. Not that the noise cancelling on the Reflect Flow Pro isn’t adequate. It’s at most passable. When walking or running in windy conditions, you’ll hear whisking effects at a high volume because the wind resistance isn’t adequate. Baby cries and bird chirps will be audible at high frequencies as well. Low and midrange frequencies are effectively muted. I managed to finish my workouts even when they were in the living room with a loud TV playing in the background. The fact that our toddler was chasing his boombox toy around the house wasn’t a distraction either. It was also comforting not to hear any landscaping or home appliances while going for a morning jog. The more effective function, Ambient Sound Control, has two settings: Ambient Aware and TalkThru. Both are excellent at enhancing the soundscape so that you can hear outside noises more clearly. On the Intracoastal Waterway across the street, barge construction was visible from the front porch, as were the cars and motorcyclists zipping by the house. TalkThru was our favorite because it allowed us to have in-depth conversations with the missus without taking out the buds.

Audio performance

The JBL Reflect Flow Pro headphones’ sound signature isn’t particularly noteworthy; they stick to the fundamentals and nail the essentials, in line with their understated appearance. We would argue that the Adidas Z.N.E. 01 ANC delivers more treble finesse and treble explosiveness at lower frequencies. The JBL, however, added more detail and dynamic range than the Adidas do, both in describing the difference between quiet and loud moments and in capturing the lower-level dynamics of vocals and instruments that give tracks more fluidity and expression. With Anakin’s Betrayal from John Williams’ Revenge of the Sith, where the Adidas might have sounded rather monophonic, the JBL makes the rise in tone of the string orchestration more obvious, adding to the sweeping, flowing nature of that depressing and operatic track. You can both hear and feel the instruments’ ascents and descents, and that added dynamism and expression lift the music. The Reflect Flow Pro can also produce a large, open sound that gives instruments plenty of room to move around the soundstage. They don’t seem to stutter as much when the volume is turned up, unlike the Adidas, and there is enough space between the instruments and the vocals so that it doesn’t sound like they are completely blended into one big sound. The Z.N.E. 01 ANC can playback music louder and with a little bit more energy, on the other hand. However, the JBL Reflect Flow Pro sound well-balanced across the frequency range, providing clarity with vocals – we can hear what the Beastie Boys are saying in Sabotage (without any sibilance), and there is detail both broad and minute, with a nice crispness to the cymbal crashes in En Vogue’s timeless Don’t Let Go. When that song’s vocal section begins, the JBL give the harmonies a lively performance that makes you nod your head.

JBL Reflect Flow Pro review: Call performance

In most settings, the Reflect Flow Pro is dependable for making voice and video calls. My voice was heard enough to hear every statement, according to multiple individuals, even though the quality wasn’t excellent. Running in blustery weather led to some muffling. Even though the wind was a major distraction, my wife still understood what we were saying.

Battery and charging

There are some good battery life statistics associated with the Reflect Flow Pro. According to JBL, you should be able to listen to music for 10 hours without ANC switched on, but only for 8 hours when it is. Another 20 hours are provided by the charging case before it needs to be recharged. The battery life of the Pro’s is not significantly better than that of the Flow Reflect at 10 hours with ANC disabled. Nevertheless, our testing revealed that those numbers were correct. When ANC was activated, the 8-hour estimate was accurate. After an hour-long workout with ANC on, the battery life of each earbud had decreased by around 10%, but there had been no alarming drop-off. It only requires putting the earbuds back into the case to begin charging. A USB-C charging cable is used to recharge the case itself. It takes about two hours to fully recharge from completely flat, but support for quick charge gives you an hour of listening time after just a 10-minute blast. The Reflect Flow Pro also offers QI wireless charging, which lets you place the case on a compatible wireless charger for greater convenience. This makes it comparable to Jabra’s Elite Active 75T.

Price and availability

In addition to category leaders like the AirPods Pro ($249) and Jabra Elite Active 75t ($172), these earbuds compete against heavyweights like the Beats Fit Pro ($199) and Powerbeats Pro ($169). For its excellent audio and sporty performance, the highly underrated Reflect Mini NC, which costs as little as $99, is recommended if the price seems out of your price range.


The JBL Reflect Flow Pro wireless earbuds are the perfect accessory if you run frequently or participate in outdoor activities. They have fins to help keep them in place and are IP68 water and dust resistant, so they can withstand sweat and a strong storm without losing sound.

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